Classes & Services

Life Coaching:

Grief and life coaching, body positivism and how to reroute your negative emotions into positive expression. Please contact to schedule a free twenty minute phone call to see if this service is a good fit for you and for pricing and an itinerary to fit your needs at


Two-Spirit LGBT inclusion equity and consulting. As a Transitioned Two-Spirit, helping companies, organizations, clubs etc understand, Educate and decolonize the Western Concept of Gender to make the world a better place for all is what I do best.

Marriage officiate:

I have my Ordination through the Esoteric Life Church. I happily officiate for Two-Spirit LGBTIA and Polyamoury weddings. For both official or unofficial marriages and commitments.


All classes taught locally in Boise, Idaho.

There are scholarships available for Native American art classes, if you are an enrolled member of a State or federally recognized tribe or are able to show DNA proof of being indigenous to North or South America or have a notarized letter of recommendation from an Elder of a State or Federally recognized tribe please message me for a scholarship application.

Earth pigment painting class

This painting style has been around since the dawn of time and belongs to all people. It has been found on every continent except Antarctica. Learn how to grind, mix and paint using traditional stick, stone and bone tools.

Tuition Price is $75 and is non-refundable.

Tuition price covers the price of the paint, your time and clean up in the studio and your choice of a rabbit hide to learn to paint on.  

Class is approx 3 hours long.

Quahog Shell, wampum weaving class

The amazing history of the Wampum bead, its many uses and of course how to weave it into beautiful patterns.  Includes Lecture and hands on learning time. Tuition price is $75 and is non-refundable

Tuition covers:

Glass Beads, sinew, leather enough to make one 3 row wampum cuff.

Class is approx 3 hours long.

Leather Tooling

Leather tooling basics, from start to finish, please note this class will be spread out over a few weeks as leather tooling requires drying time between steps. Classes depend on the item being made. Contact me for pricing.

In School Field Trips and Lectures:

Traditional storytelling, history of indigenous art mediums and Two-spirit education, and the similarities between Gael and Native American Cultures. I do presentations in the Boise area.

I am available for schools and scouting activities, please note Regalia may or may not be worn and will be up to my digression so as to not promote stereotypes.  

Price is determined upon requested topic, length of presentation and location. Proceeds from these presentations are donated to a Non-Profit of your choice:

Please see Aodhan’s other website for Santa Visits, Krampus Visits and Caroling this holiday season:

Business bookings please contact me at to schedule for time hours etc.