.925 sterling silver with enamel inlay Pictish Ring sz 9.5



Purchased on the Isle of Mull during a trip to Scotland this week as a gift and it was the wrong size. Unused item. My loss, your gain. Purchased for 150 British pounds  ($168.47)

67grams of silver or approx 2 3/8oz

This can not be adjusted or altered or it will ruin the inscription so be sure this is your size before purchase.

This Skyran ring in sterling silver features Ogham script that wraps around the band and reads ‘A blessing on the soul’. The ring is hand-enamelled in Twilight enamel in our Orkney workshop.

Inspired by a small circular spindle-whorl stone, carved with ancient Ogham script and discovered at Buckquoy in Birsay, Orkney. This text is the first known text discovered in Orkney, thought to date back to about 500AD. The inscription in Ogham is believed to read ‘a blessing on the soul’ and Sheila has interpreted this message in silver and enamal. After researching Ogham script, Sheila created further pieces with messages of her own.

The Skyran collection was designed as part of a unique collaboration with local Orkney musicians, the Wrigley Sisters. Skyran means to shine or glitter brightly in Orkney Norn and the collection is available in various enamel colours with the signature colour, ‘Twilight’, capturing the rich blue-grey of the evening sky.


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