Am Broc (The Badger) Painted Reindeer robe


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Hide measures 46″ long by 36″ wide.

Often not the first Native species you think of when you think of Scotland. The Reindeer herd living in the Cairngorms National Park are the only wild herd left in the UK.

This painted reindeer hide consists of a mixture of Earth Pigment paints:

Mica- Gives the color a metallic shimmer unlike any other used for the gold and silver paint.

Red Ochre

Black Charcoal

All mixed traditionally with rawhide glue to a boil and tattooed into the hide for a lifelong brilliant color.

The symbolism behind the badger The Badger  is a key player in the world’s ecosystem when it comes to healthy relationship with the land. Defensive and grumpy Badgers stick to themselves. The old hermit of the world so to speak. Badger teaches us a lot of things, from solitude to healthy boundaries. Often seen as a women’s medicine a little goes a long way with this clever being. 

I chose the red because many of the ancient sites in scotland were originally built with a reddish stone, today the stone is white, this is from thousands of years of direct exposure to the elements on such an unforgiving place of constant rain and chill. The red color was present in these places so to me it says it was a sacred color. I also used the vibrant blue as the Picts were often said to have used either a blue paint/tattoos in their artwork and bodies. Combined with my interpretation of the ancient rock art found in Kilmartin Glen that shows an interconnectedness of all cultures to the very beginning of our beings. A truly unique robe to either wear about your shoulders, display on a wall or use as an alter piece.


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