Ancestors Hand Pendant



To many people the symbol of the Ochre Handprint means many things. Today it is most widely known for the representation of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. However the red handprint has been found in cave art all over the world. I was quite torn making this product, I am Indigenous and a tribal member, but I am not the direct relation to any MMIW so I feel to profit off it is not right. So I have set up my listing thusly:

Please choose what the symbol means to YOU!
If it is going to be used for MMIW please select that as the reason you are purchasing it, if so the proceeds of the sale will be donated to:
Your item will be sent with a certificate of authenticity stating my tribal information as it is in fact, authentic native made and in compliance with the 1990 Arts and Craft Act

If this represents the dawn of creation to you, and anthropological and Animism beliefs please select the other and I will keep the proceeds.

This is the best way for me to ensure both meanings of this symbol are honored to the best of my ability. Feel free to also you the above link to donate to the MMIW cause.


Again Please put on the order what the symbol means to you and I will act accordingly.


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