Beaded Mountain Lion robe with earth pigment paints



NO CALIFORNIA OR FLORIDA SALES! If you order this item put a California or Florida address on your order it will be canceled and you will pay a 20% restocking fee to cover all processing fees I am not reimbursed.
This item comes with a certificate of authenticity stating my clan information.

Authentic Mountain Lion robe. Brain tan beaded strip in the center.
Total length of this cat is a little over 80″ nose to tip of tail by 26″ wide at the belly (this is NOT the paw spread) All claws and paws intact on this beautiful piece. Perfect for display or ceremony. Comes with the wooden treebranch hanger.
Beaded strip measure 4” wide by 43” long. Size 10 glass seed beads.
Traditional earth pigment paints on the exterior of the hide. Tattooed and pressed into the hide using sticks and bones.

Has some holes from when it was skinned. And tiny holes along the exterior of the hide form when it was stretched for fleshing and tanning, these are normal on a hide like this. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is a one of a kind piece that is absolutely stunning. Extremely soft and supple robe and can be put on display when not in use. Will require a signature for delivery and is sent fully insured to your door.


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