Beaded Two Spirit Native American Pride Hat Flatbill



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Peyote Beaded hat brim:
Most sellers do a wrap stitch on their hats, this results in a loose beaded pattern that goes up the bill of the hat with many many rows of beads. These beaded hats look nice but the beads break off easily and come loose with wear. My hats are Peyote sewn. Each bead is sewn through twice! Your hat will last you a lifetime! This beadwork will feel stiff and secure it is the longest lasting beadwork for any hat and well worth the extra time and price. These hats take between 10-14 hours to make.
Beautiful hand beaded hat made by myself.

I used size 10 glass beads I purchase from the fort hall reservation, approx a 3.5 hour drive from my home (7 hours to pick out my beads)
5 rows of beads velcro adjustable back.

Comes with my certificate of authenticity stating my enrollment number and tribal affiliation. This item is authentic Native American headed. Great for daily wear.


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