Black Bear Headdress Full Taxidermy head Highly Detailed jawset

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These Beautiful Black bear headdress are made to order. Meaning you will receive a bear SIMILAR I have been making these for over 14 years.

This item has upgraded highly detailed jaws (thus the higher price) this is the highest quality headdress a person can own. These take more time and detail to use than the standard headdress with non-detailed jaws, but they are worth every penny.

Takes 2 weeks to build and ship this amazing piece!

Layaway and payment plans availiable at no additional charge but have a small non-refundable fee if you cancel your plan.

After purchase I will send you a photo of bear hides that are suitable for being made into a headdress. Not all hides on the markey are taxidermy prepared. It is imporant that I chose the hide that I work with because otherwise disaster can occur.

Price includes the full upper and lower jaw, all paws and claws. Padded headrest and buckskin straps that secure this beautiful work of art to your body.

I have been making these pieces for over 14 years now! You will be happy with your bear headdress and it will last many many many years!

Price includes PARCEL post shipping 1-9 business days


All animal products were legally harvested according to Idaho state regulations. Make sure you check your local wildlife regulations before ordering from me. Crafty Crawford holds you liable for all fines and legal fees if you can not purchase an item in your state and do so illegally from me. Some states do not allow the possession of certain items, if you order an item and it is confiscated Crafty Crawford will NOT replace what was taken or issue a refund for your mistake. If it is illegal for you to purchase this item Crafty Crawford is NOT offering to sell it to you. Know your laws! NO INTERNATIONAL SALES DUE TO LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS!

1 review for Black Bear Headdress Full Taxidermy head Highly Detailed jawset

  1. Grantland Bradley

    This headdress is simply beautiful. The attention to detail on the taxidermy is second to none with no cut corners or shoddy work. Absolutely worth it!

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