Blowgun plus 3 darts


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Each blowgun is unique and will look similar to the photo.
Your blowgun will be between 25-35″ long
You will receive 3 cattail darts  and one blowgun with this listing purchase.

Darts are 12″ long each

As Cherokee people we are the only tribe in the United states that hunted with and used blowguns. These blowguns are made with bamboo because river cane does not grow near me. If you wish to dry a piece of river cane you harvest and arrange to send it to me to be smoked out and burned please let me know I can quote you.
Many states forbid hunting with blowguns and or the purchase of them, please do not purchase if you have not checked your state laws.
This is NOT a toy.
You can purchase more darts in packs of 3 in a separate listing.



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