Badger Sporran Taxidermy head (no lower jaw)



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Thank you for visiting my page This is the sporran you will get.
 There are a lot of Sporran Makers out there, but are they actual licensed taxidermists? 
I have been doing taxidermy for over 10 years. Which means you are getting from start to finish a quality mounted item. I have been making crafts since the age of 9 (I’m 30 now while this is being written) so that’s over 20 years experience.

These beautiful one of a kind sporrans are handmade. No part of it comes from a machine, they are not just fur glued to a commercially made sporran. From the moment the animal is hunted to sewing every stitch, this beautiful piece is meant to be displayed with your tartan in a way that will make your ancestors proud.

I see a lot of interesting sporrans, but, I personally wouldn’t want to spend $700 on my custom family tartan kilt and be seen with a masked sporran that would make a mockery of it. This is why I started making these for others. 
 (Idaho Included) do NOT get funds from taxpayers. When a hunter buys tags and their hunting license 100% of that goes towards conservation.


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