Glass wampum Story belt



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Blue white and black matte glass beads used

36″ of beaded wampum work long NOT including the buckskin tabs.


Wampum belt 8 row over 2,962 glass beaded
This is for ONE Belt. Glass wampum beads were introduced in the 1800’s as a cheaper source of wampum, so these are also a traditional substitute.Please note these beads are again Glass not genuine wampum shell. A Real shell belt in this size would run over $9,000 as the beads are $5 a piece.

Over 2,692 beads on these beautiful belts over 34 hours of sewing cutting stitching and sizing. Deer hide leather in between the beads. I don’t cut corners like many other weavers.
This listing is for a belt 8 rows wide. This is approx 3″ wide by 36” long for the wampumwork. This weighs approx 2 lbs it is HEAVY. A beautiful story belt.



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