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This item is Proudly Native American Made and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity stating my enrollment and clan information. I am also a member of the Native American Arts & Craft Association.
Portions of each sale go to my local community, tribe etc.

White turquoise and black beads.

Price is for one Wampum choker.

Price is for a 3 row Glass wampum choker.

Actual beaded length is 12” long by 1 1/4″ wide on commercial buckskin.

Length with beadwork and leather tabs is 13″ long and then also buckskin straps to tie it to size.

Wampum is to be treated as if creator was in your presence. It told stories and lessons for the tribes from which they originate. It was a symbol of friendship and respect honesty and promise.
Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist.
ARTIST NAME: Aodhàn Crawford ᏥᏍᏕᏥ
TRIBAL AFFILIATION: Aniyunwiya Tsalagi (Cherokee)
Your item comes with Certificate of Native American Made/Celtic Made Authenticity
Portions of this sale are sent to my tribe and various communities I am involved with. I also donated items to various prisons to help fund their Native American programs and help those who can not help themselves. Inedible meat is donated to zoos and local raptor rehab facilities. .
You are buying directly from the artist.
I am also a recognized member of the Indian Arts and Craft Association, Clan member of Clan Crawford and Clan Fraser of Lovat.


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