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PLEASE NOTE THE GLASS WAMPUM COLORS ARE COBALT BLUE AND WHITE they look black in the photo but are Blue..

Please note these beads Glass not genuine wampum.

Purpose mistake: Each authentic wampum item I create will have a flaw. It could be just one random bead out of place or a small mistake in the pattern. A traditional weaver does this on purpose because nothing in life is perfect except for creator. I am not able to create a perfect wampum piece because it is just not done in this way according to my teachings. Look closely at the display photos, can you see the mistake?

It is there but not obvious 😉

Length of Beadwork is 47″ of beaded wampum by approx 2 1/4”wide, buckskin ties. Over all length of 77″ If you need it made longer please contact me as the price will go up depending on how long you need it. Weighs 1 pound (depends on what size horn you attach)

can also be used for bandolier bags, possibles, quivers or any other sort of strap.

Last picture in this listing is a photo of the actual artist.


ARTIST NAME: Aodhàn Crawford

TRIBAL AFFILIATION: Aniyunwiya Tsalagi (Cherokee)

Your item comes with Certificate of Native American Made/Celtic Made Authenticity

Portions of this sale are sent to my tribe and various communities I am involved with. I also donated items to various prisons to help fund their Native American programs and help those who can not help themselves. Inedible meat is donated to zoos and local raptor rehab facilities. I also carry real wolf, mountain lion and bear items on my direct website but they’re not allowed for sale through this venue.

You are buying directly from the artist.

I am also Clan member of Clan Crawford and Clan Fraser of Lovatt.


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