Porcupine Claw Necklace (Hawk look-a-like)




Hawks are protected as are all birds of prey in America. Even if you find it dead in your yard you can not be possession of a single feather or talon of these beautiful birds.

These are PORCUPINE CLAWS however they look very similar to Hawk Talons. They range from 1″-1.5″ long This is a great way to have a legal necklace that looks and honors hawk as well as porcupine.

Porcupine stands for standing your ground. Secret Keeper.
Hawk is the messenger bird also standing for warrior.

This necklace has:
15 porcupine claws
Red glass beads for the ancestors
Black glass beads for protection.
Necklace length: 19 long with clasp.

Again these are REAL claws but are NOT bird of prey they are porcupine which look similar. I do not sell or give out Bird of prey feathers or claws as they are illegal to possess. I am a licensed Taxidermist of Idaho these are legal substitutes and NOT real talons.

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glass beads, Porcupine claws


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