Earth Pigment Painted drum 12″ Cave of Hands



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12” deer hide drum
Traditional earth pigment paints
This drum was painted while it was still wet therefore the paint is sealed into the head and will never fade

Inspired by the many hands painted on the Paleolithic art found in the Cueva de las Manos studying the ancestral paintings we may never know why they primarily only used their left hands …. and why so many of them… were missing fingers…..

About the paint:

The paint used on this piece is becoming a lost art it is extremely special. Pigment paints are made from crushed stones and plants. I have to mix each color by hand every time I paint, and I usually have to reheat my paint several times throughout the painting process. I use only hand carved painting sticks to apply my paint to the piece.

Today most artists use acrylic paint but when they do it simply doesn’t look “indian”

These are the original paints used by my ancestors. They are mixed with hide paste and or prickly pear.

I am VERY proud to offer these paints in my shop.


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deer hide, earth pigment paints


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