Painted Paleolithic style loincloth



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This is a paleolithic style loincloth.

Loincloths when made and worn properly do not show private areas when the flap moves (please see the last two photos)
Please select your color of leather. These are made with genuine deerskin. No fake leather here, thickness tends to be that of a quarter. These must be dry cleaned should it need washed.

I will need to make this item for you custom. The best way to do this requires me to know your measurements.
I will need to know if you want it cut natural (shown in the photos) or if you want it squared.
You can have me paint on any color buckskin but please talk to me first otherwise WHITE will be used.

Let’s talk about your pattern…
Each pattern will be unique to YOU, do you have a favorite animal? Or would you like a Geometric design made just for you?

Paints used are traditional Earth pigment paints crushed from natural stones, Charcoals etc mixed with hide paints and pressed and tattooed into the hide. These are the ancient paints we all used. Painted using sticks, brush and small stones. No two patterns are alike.

Please talk with me before purchase to discuss design and colors used (limit of 4 colors at this price) Painting is to be done on the front flap only and I will draw it for approval on a sheet of paper before painting it on your loincloth. I will only do a redo of the drawing up to 3x so please be exact and know what you want, or, allow creative liberty.

Geometric paints are sacred symbols and the meanings are only given to the buyer. If you have your own I am happy to paint them on for you.

I will need your height, a loincloth is typically as long as a person is tall, if you prefer a shorter loincloth please let me know exactly how long you prefer it. If you want an exact fit I highly recommend taking a towel or blanket and a belt and measuring just how long you want it cut.
Maximum loincloth length for a flap is 25″ or a surcharge will need to be applied. (if you’re 6ft tall 23/24″ is typical flap length)


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