Paleolithic style loincloth



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This is a paleolithic style loincloth.

Loincloths when made and worn properly do not show private areas when the flap moves (please see the last two photos)
Please select your color of leather. These are made with genuine deerskin. No fake leather here, thickness tends to be that of a quarter. These must be dry cleaned should it need washed.

I will need to make this item for you custom. The best way to do this requires me to know your measurments.
I will need to know if you want it cut natural (shown in the photos) or if you want it squared.
Color options are:
Acorn (shown)
Natural Tan/Palomino

I will need your height, a loincloth is typically as long as a person is tall, if you prefer a shorter loincloth please let me know exactly how long you prefer it. If you want an exact fit I highly recommend taking a towel or blanket and a belt and measuring just how long you want it cut.
Please note any loincloth over 60″ will incur a surcharge, please message me BEFORE you order for an exact quote.
Loincloths are sewn together in the middle, this is because they take 2 deerskins to make.


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