Primitive arrow



The first thing that comes to mind is of course hunting. But arrows have many uses in my culture:

1. You can shoot this arrow but it will eventually break with use and some arrows break after the first shot, its how primitive arrows are they are not like a modern carbon arrow. My advise… Don’t shoot an arrow you pay this much for, put it on the shelf, display it… They last a lot longer this way.
2. Vision Arrow, vision arrows can be made or used to help focus your intentions before a ceremony. It’s a great way to hyper focus your spirit and really center yourself.
3. Gifts, an arrow is a great gift for a loved one. They can symbol flexibility (if you’ve ever seen an arrow shot in slow motion look it up) the shaft of the arrow bends in flight, this represents one’s ability to move through whatever life throws at you with grace and determination.
4. Decoration, they always look beautiful on the wall.
This arrow measures 31″ from knock to point, Cedar shaft, flint knapped arrowhead point,
Three Turkey feather fletchings.  
I have also painted the arrow and stained it, this helps it to not dry out.
The symbols on the arrow have special meaning and are revealed to the buyer alone. 


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