Small Dreamcatcher 2 inch


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This item is Proudly Native American Made and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity stating my enrollment and clan information. I am also a member of the Native American Arts & Craft Association.
Portions of each sale go to my local community, tribe etc.

Please note these are REAL dreamcatchers not made with the metal hoops. I go to the river offer tobacco and pray while I harvest the sticks. The dreamcatcher is a shared symbol of native american culture, this is not traditional cherokee but has been adopted into our culture.

This item is in full compliance with the Indian Arts & Craft Act of 1990 and is authentic Native American Made
I am also a member of the Indian Arts and Craft Association
This item comes with a certificate of authenticity stating my tribal enrollment information.
A portion of all my sales is sent home to my people …


ONE per purchase
Dreamcatcher size:
2×2″ wide
Turkey feather
single bead, please use the menu to select the bead color.


Additional information

Bead Color

Black, blue, green, Red, White, yellow


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