Targe Shield



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15×15” and 1.5” thick this is a gorgeous piece to add to any highlander outfit. Custom orders accepted. Item ships in one business day.

These beautiful works of art were used in battle along with your dirk. These were used up until approx 1800 it was practiced in the highlands that you didn’t use guns but swords, dirks and knives as guns were a coward’s weapon. Today we no longer battle with these beautiful pieces but use them as highly prized and decorated pieces for our regalia. My targes are a smaller size but will catch ANY eye at the games, easily transportable to fit into a carry on as well should you need to fly to your next event.

Backed with white buckskin this item took many hours of hammering and painting, the most colorful and stunning targe out there. Metal, leather and wood, NO PLASTIC, handmade hand hammered by myself.


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love, passion, sweat, tears


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