Targe Shield with 12″ spike



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18” diameter, spike is a little less than 12” long Targe is 1/2” thick.

Stained in a Spanish brown oil based leather stain with authentic Brass tacks.

This listing contains Ogham on the Wild Boars and the Salmon. Whenever you see Ogham or Scottish Gaidhlig on an item 10% of this sale will
go to the Slighe nan Gaidheal of Seattle to help support continued language preservation and activities.

The Salmon (or Bradden) Have the word eòlais which means “Knowledge”
Kilmartin Glen Holds an outstanding piece of my heart. You could say I have Dualchas there as my Campbell ancestors originated in that territory. From the Ancient standing stones and rock art to Dunadd and the Pictish Boar art there you will find Kilmartin Glen represented through this piece of art.
A Mature Black Boar is on the front of this beautiful sporran. The black represents the dark clouds that bring the rain to the land, while the embellishments of gold remind us that there is always light in darkness. The blue paint is a remembering of the Picts and who’s Ogham writing is still on the stone at the top of Dunadd. The Ogham on the Boars read: Dualchas a word that doesn’t have an equivalent translation meaning in English.

Carefully Crafted for you by myself (Lat photo is me)

Mòran taing airson a bhith còmhla rium an-diugh. This artwork is Celtic Artisan Made and comes with a certificate of Authenticity stating my clan affiliations.

this is a gorgeous piece to add to any highlander outfit. Every piece of leather, wood and brass was selected to be of the finest quality. Backed with rabbit fur.

These beautiful works of art were used in battle along with your dirk. These were used up until approx 1746 it was practiced in the highlands that you didn’t use guns but swords, dirks and knives as guns were a coward’s weapon. Today we no longer battle with these beautiful pieces but use them as highly prized and decorated pieces for our regalia. My targes are a smaller size but will catch ANY eye at the games, easily transportable to fit into a carry on as well should you need to fly to your next event.

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