Glass wampum story belt 7ft long



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Purple and ivory glass beads

72×5 1/4” (6ft long)

Beaded length 43.5”

Wampum belt 11 row over 3,350 glass beads approx 77beads per inch.

This is for ONE large Belt. Glass wampum beads were introduced in the 1800’s as a cheaper source of wampum, so these are a historical substitute to actual shell beads.Please note these beads are again Glass not genuine wampum shell. A Real shell belt in this size would run over $17,000 as the authentic beads are $5 a piece if you can find them for that amount.

. Deer hide leather in between the beads. I don’t cut corners like many other weavers and I finish my ends. Complete with Nickle plated brass beads this weighs over 2lbs

Item held by myself (the artist) I am 5ft 3” tall.



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